17th Feb 2018, Bhajan at Birmingham Balaji temple

Radhey Krishna 🙏🏼. Carnatic-Circle performed at the Birmingham Balaji temple and below is the commentary from Ravi.

Enjoyed the session yesterday at temple. We performed at the Perumal Sannadhi in Birmingham Balaji temple. Feeling proud to be part of this group. I always wished i should sing in temple some time … through this group we all got this chance🙏🏼

Thanks VR for giving your support with taking pictures and videos. I know how difficult it is for a bhajanai premi to be in the same premises where bhajanai taking place but not amongst in the singing group.

It reminded me of incident that we used to take PAAL KODAM in our temple in Faridabad (being age 12-13) and would circle the whole temple and bhajanai would start at murugan sannadi and we had to finish 3 circles of temple with all other devotees and half of the bhajanai would end by then. Just remembered, may not be relevant here.





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Violinists were awesome. Special thanks to Shravan and Devji. Shravan is moving into different class now👌🏼… such a soulful performance….God bless you !! Devji… you are natural sirji. I loved the flow.

As much i say is less to what i am feeling.

Radhey Krishna 🙏🏼. The above Excerpt from Ravi. Below are some photos and videos painstakingly taken and edited by Vasantha Raman.