Navarathri 2018 Birmingham temple Bhajans

Carnatic-Circle is happy to present a twin Carnatic devotional concert in line with Dussehra/Navarathri festivities. This time, we have a group of adults and children that have done a 6 weekend rehearsal. Many thanks to each one of you that came to the rehearsals over the last 6 weeks and persevered. Since this is choral singing, special focus is given to Shruthi, Talam and Ragam to ensure that the entire group is in Sync. Following are the twin performances during the Navarathri period of 2018.

  1. Sri Hindu Community Centre – Saturday, 13th Oct 2018, 5-7PM
  2. Tividale Balaji temple – Saturday, 20th Oct 2018, 11am-12.15pm

Our group has grown from strength to strength and sings a very vast and varied repertoire. The Birmingham based temples invite our group to perform on selected Saturdays. The above is one of them. Please come and attend this event at the main temple Sannadhi. Come and sing along!

Twin Temple performances


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