23rd Dec 2017

🙏 rAdhE krishnA 🙏

An evening to remember Uma maami and KK maama…. 🙏

The journey started with melliflous nAmasankeerthanam lead by Ramesh nna, Ravi nna followed by amrutha bhojanam…. again followed by electrifying bhajanamrutham by Ravi nna….. a state of bliss for the whole 3 hours… what more does one need!!!! As always happy to be of service and have captured the moments, soon to be shared one by one….. our sincere namaskarams to bhajan mandali for having made this a very memorable day remembering the all mighty…. It is never complete without everybody joining the recital which completes the circle…… rAdhE krishnA 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉

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