Bhajan 22nd July Tividale Balaji

Our Bhajanai group Sampradaya came together and performed at the Birmingham Balaji temple on Saturday the 22nd July 2017. As usual, the group started off with Thodaya Mangalam and proceeded to sing songs on Bhodendra swamigal. This was followed by songs composed by Purandara Dasa & Bhadrachala Ramdas, followed by the 3rd Ashtapadhi – Lalitha Lavanga.

The group was very excited to deliver some abhangs as they add the touch of vibrance and ambience that involves the audience as well. We sang Vittala Yere – Shanka Chakradara with aplomb. A few other Namavalis such as Vanamali Vasudeva kept the audience following us.

We received a very good review from the temple devotees as well as the Temple cultural committee. They asked us to perform for the Brahmotsavam in August, but we had to decline due to other pre-occupations. The Temple priest asked us to sing Rangamma Abhang and we departed saying that we will sing it next time. The next time, we will be at the temple will be around the October 2017 timeframe.

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