Bhajanai Birmingham Balaji Temple 21st Oct 2017

The Solihull/Birmingham “Sampradaya” Bhajanai group and “Mantrasara” came together to put together an impressive performance at the Tividale Balaji temple community hall on the 21st Oct 2017.

We were lucky to have the presence of Tabla Pandit Sandip Banerjee (From Kolkatta) and Chief guest – Dr Kanakaratnam (Chairman of Trustees at the Balaji Temple)  who graced the occassion with their presence and support. The Balaji temple has been ever supportive of our Devotional singing & Bhakthi initiatives and we are very grateful to them and their volunteers who made this event successful in every sphere. Such a unique group initiative does not exist in the entire country and it is with utmost pride that we present our Bhajanais and ensure that we uplift everyone that participate in our community gatherings. Below were the songs that were sung as a part of our repertoire at the temple

The Entire Set of Videos for this event can be got by Clicking here

  • Entire Thodaya Mangalam
  • VizhiKidakkuma (ragam :- gowri manohari) + Apara Mahima Om
  • Bhajare Maanasa bodhendrayogeendram + Bodhendra Sadguru Namavali
  • Yen Manathuditavane + Gnanananda Gnanananda
  • Bhaje Sadgurum Anisham Bhaje Sadgurum
  • khelati mama hrdaye – Athana (Sadhashiva Brahmendra) + Seeta Pate Daasarathe
  • Narahari Deva Janardhana -raagam: yaman kalyaaNi
  • Nara Janma bandhaaga – Purandara Dasa + Radha Madhava Brindava Chanda
  • Bhagyadha Lakshmi Bharamma + Ksheerabdi Shayana
  • Deva Banda Namma, Swami Bandano – Yaman Kalyani + Priya Radhe Priya Shyame
  • 1st Ashtapadhi
  • Rangamma Maaji Rangamma Abhang
  • Vittala Yere Pandhari Raya(Shanka Chakra dhara) Abhang
  • Hari Mhanaa Tumhi Govinda Mhanaa – Brindavana Saranga
  • Pavamana Mangalam

The Entire Set of Videos for this event can be got by Clicking here

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