Choral Singing/Bhajanai

It may be somewhat surprising for the average Westerner to hear about the power within the vibrations of mantras and chanting. The mind is especially affected by the kind of sound energy (Ragams & Thalams) it picks up or tunes into. By chanting and involving in Choral singing, it helps re-direct the minds to the Divine – drowned in an unique culmination of Devotion and music.

Some Photos/Excerpts from our Weekly Bhajan sessions

What is Choral Singing/Sampradaya Bhajanai?

img-20160824-wa0004The soul by nature already loves Krishna, but that relationship has been covered over by the material energy. The spiritual potency & vibrations produced by the Lyrics, Mantras and Shlokas in soul stirring music can help us to revive that eternal love for the Lord. This is the power of transcendental sound vibrations. We practice this form of choral singing every weekend. Following are the List of activities/Bhajans that are sung as a part of our Weekly Namasankeerthanam – Sampradaya Bhajanai in Solihull/Birmingham area of UK. Come and be part of our choral singing/bhajanais.

Song/Japa    :   Sing Rama Rama followed by PUNDAREEKAMS (Click on the Links to learn more)

  1. Invocation:

Hari Naaraayana Hari Naaraayana     OR     Pandu Ranga Vittale Hari Naaraayana    OR              Naaraayana Naaraayana Jai Jai Govinda Hare   OR   Jai Jai Raam Krishna Hari Jai Jai                    Raam Krishna Hari

  1. Avatharika Slokas – Click here to get the Lyrics
  2. Thodaya Mangalam: (Sing atleast Pallavi, first Charanam and Last Charanam for shortening). Click here to get the Lyrics

      Mooshika Vaahana Modaka Hastha ….(Raga Naattai)
      Jaya Jaanakee Ramana ……………(Raga Naattai)
      Mandara Moole Madanaabhi Raamam ……..(Raga Vachaspathi)
      Saranu Saranu Surendra Sannutha ….(Raga Aarabi)
      Murahara Nagadhara Mukunda …….(Raga Madhyamaavathi)
      Devesa Gana Aaradhitha ………….(Raga Saveri)
      Maadhava Bhavathuthe Mangalam …. (Raga Mangala Koushikam)

  1. Guru Keerthanam

For Saturday Bhajans, Keerthanams and Namaavalis on Bodhendral, Sridhara Ayyavaal, Marudanallur Sadguru Swamigal must be sung.  We also sing songs composed by Thyagaraja, Purandara Dasa, Gopalakrishna Bharati and even Abhangs .  Click here to get the entire list

  1. Jayadeva Ashtapadhi

Sing the Pundareekams, preceding Shlokams and Ashtapadhis. Where Purna Ashtapadhi is not done, choose any Ashtapadhi and the 22nd Ashtapadhi as this is the Kalyana song. Click here to get the Lyrics

  1. Narayana Theertha Tharangini:

Slokams :    Yadangri Pangeruha…..
Yennaamna Pattanam …..

Song :   (Each Saturday One Tharangini & one Naamaavali)

Saranam Bhava Karunaa nidhi (Sourashtram)
Mangalaalaya Maamava Deva (Ketharagowlai)
Parana Jarybata Maam Paalaya (Sourashtram)
Jaya Jaya Gokula Baala (Kurunchi)
Ehimudam Dehi Sri Krishna Krishna (Reethigowlai)
Krishnam Kalaya Sakhi Sundaram (Mukhari)

      7. Dhyaanam :

In the normal course time permitting, One sloka, One Keerthan and One Naamaavali in each God is to be sung in the order given below, as per pracheena sampradaaya


We take pride in preserving our heritage and culture that has been passed on over several centuries. We support a Veda Patashala in Chennai (in our own little way)

SDP Charities
IOB Radha Nagar branch
Station Road East, Chromepet
A/C no. 188 001 00000 9015 (Spacing is given for clarity purpose)
IFS Code : IOBA 000 1880 (Spacing is given for clarity purpose)

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