Nimmathi adaithEn ulagam marainthEn

Composition by Arana ‘Meera’ Prabhu

Nimmathi adaithEn ulagam marainthEn
Aanandam tAn adaithEn naanE
Nimmathi adaithEn ulagam marainthEn
Aanandam tAn adaithEn naanE

Satguru paadukai kunjalam enmel patta pOthu taanE (4)
Nimmathi adaithEn ulagam marainthEn

Guruvin malaraTiyai yentrum (yen) kaNNaal parthu ninrEn (5x)
Matrellaam maayai poi yennum kanavil kaNDa porul pOl uNarthEn(2)
Nimmathi adaithEn ulagam marainthEn
Aanandam tAn adaithEn naanE…

Pirappirappaam bhavam yenum kadalil jalam (3)
muzhudum vatti pochu
athai thaandavum baagyam thEdum kavalai
nammai vittu pochu
nimmathi adainthen ulagam maranthen
aanandam than adainthen

malaiai kudaiyaai thaangiya gokulam kaatta govindhanai (3)
charaNamaai adaiyave avan tan paarvaiyai utpuram aakkivittaan (2)
nimmadhi adaindhen ulagai marandhen
aanandham thaaan adainthen naane 

Namavali  – Arana Meera Sadgurunatha JaiJai JaiMampahi

Arana was a great Bhakta who lived in the recent past. He lived in New Delhi in the early days of his life and was holding a high office. Once, in his dhyana, Saint Meera appeared in front of him and blessed him. She gave him the nama ‘Arana’.
Soon he moved to Chennai and his devotion to Lord Krishna grew multi-fold. He sang songs on Krishna in different languages. His satsang was always a calm and pleasant one – that is just about performing Kirtan towards developing love for Lord Krishna. The satsang does not criticize or hate anybody or anything, for they believe that everything is a ‘lila’ of Lord Krishna.
Arana lived for a short period after which he attained the feet of Lord Krishna.

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