Hari mana tumi govinda mana

Ragam: Brindava saranga
Hari mhana tumi, govinda mhana tumi, gopala mhana, tumi narayana
Govinda gopala hari narayana
Rama mhana, raja rama mhana, sita rama mhana, atma rama mhana (2) (Hari mhana )
Shyama mhana, gana shyama mhana, megha shyama mhana, radhe shyama mhana (2)
Datta Mhana, GuruDatta Mhana, ShriPada Mhana, Gurudeva Mhana (2)
Isha Mhana, Jagadeesha Mhana, Sarvesha Mhana, Paramesha Mhana (2)
kunjavihara govinda korasahora govinda
gopika hrudhaya nandhakishora peethambaradhara govinda
(Hari mana )
JaiJaiRam JaiJaiRam, JaiJaiRamKrishnaHari
RamkrishnaHari, RadhaKrishnaHari

Click here to get the Lyrics of many more such Abhangs which are famously sung in Bhajanais

This is part of our Solihull/Birmingham, UK weekly Bhajanai/devotional singing series. Thodaya Mangalam is the set of songs welcoming the God with auspiciousness. The sampradaya/Paddathi Bhajanai begins with these songs. What is Sampradaya Bhajanai?

For a full List of RadhaKalyanam activities please refer the Link to Alangudi RadhaKalyanam.

 Some Photos/Excerpts from our Weekly Bhajan sessions



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