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Our musical traditions

Carnatic-Circle is an midlands, UK based academy that  has a strong passion for arts. We take pride in delving into Indian culture through music. 

Our Carnatic Music teaching is based on the age old tradition of learning the Swaravalis and gradually build up to Alankarams, Gitam, Varnams & Keerthanais. 

Our Tabla lessons are aimed at children & Adults and teaches Solo/Accompaniment along with comprehensive theory.

 We provide a rare opportunity to indulge in Story-telling with music, Devotional Choral Singing or Bhajans.  Steeped in culture,  we follow a very Traditional Pracheena Sampradaya Bhajanai style

Carnatic-Circle’s Musical groups have eloquently performed in front of discerning audiences in one of the finest Auditoriums & Halls in the Midlands to showcase our skills.

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