The below list of learnings is based on the age old tradition of learning the Swaravalis and gradually build up to Alankarams, Gitam & Varnams.
A student will start with learning (click on the links below to learn)
Sarali Varisai which is the basics of the the swaras(Videos Available)
Janta Varisai – next level (Videos Available)
Dhatu Varisai (Videos Available)
Mel Sthayi Varisai (Videos Available)
Mandhra Sthayi Varisai  (Videos Available)
Geethams and Swarajathis
Varnams & Keerthanais
Bhajans, krithis, songs
Inorder to maintain some variety, some Bhajans, Abhangs or Shlokas will be added as the classes progress. Some Bharatanatyam students require to know Carnatic Songs for their accompaniments. Participants will learn the concept of the various Ragams to sing in clear adherence to Shruthi and Talam. Interested students can participate and contribute towards various performances/concerts on a regular basis.
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