Kaida is a piece based on theme and variation. A rhythmic seed (theme) is introduced as a Kaida, which is then used as a basis for elaboration through improvisation and/or composition.
The word kaida is an Arabic word meaning ‘rule’ or ‘a system of rules’. The rules for playing a kaida are complex, but in short, one must only use the bols that are in the original theme, follow the rules of tala, and maintain the bhari-khali (Open-closed) structure.
Please refer the notes below for the Kaidas we are practising so far
  1. Tabla Practice Exercises ,  Tabla Theory  &  Tabla Taals, Moharas, Mukhdas, Tukhdas
  2. Kaida 1 (based on teen Taal) – Basic
  3. Kaida 2 (Teen Taal) – Introduction of DhaDha Tete
  4. Kaida 3(Teen Taal) – Introduction of Tirikita
  5. Kaida 4(teen Taal)  – Improve your Tete
  6. Kaida 5/Practice/Rela – Improve your Tirikita
  7. Kaida 6 – Dhage Tune Kena 


How to take care of your Tabla and Maintain it?

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