Sita Kalyana Mahotsavam 2019

Grand musical event

Experience joy through enchanting Bhajan, music and spiritual discourses

Account name – Sampradaya Bhajanai . Sort Code – 20-84-13,    Account number – 13079694 

Musical festival of a lifetime

with Brahmasri Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman
1-8pm, Saturday 16th Nov 2019
Shree Geeta Bhawan temple, 107-117 Heathfield Rd, Birmingham B19 1HL

Detail about the event

Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Mahotsav is an ancient and well-known Indian tradition symbolising the key Vedanta philosophy of each of us being a part of the supreme consciousness. It is also an excellent example of National Integration as several regional cultures and languages are fused into one unique divine event. Following are the timelines (1pm to 8.30 pm) 1.00pm - Sampradaya Bhajan by Carnatic-Circle 2.00pm - Yejaman/Participants Sankalpam 2.30pm - Refreshments break 3.00pm - Divyanaamam by Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman 3.45pm - Sita Kalyanam by Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman 6.30pm - Mahaprasadam/Dinner 7.00pm- Temple Aarti

Attire for the day

It is a wedding! A celestial wedding! Suggested attire is to come be your most colourful. Traditional south Indian Madisar saree for ladies and Panchakaccham for men will be deeply appreciated. Any other Indian attire will also be welcome.

Last year's event

The 2018 event at Hindu Community centre in Warwick road was well received. This year promises to be double the joy and pleasure.

The magic of Naamasankeerthanam

Naamasankeerthanam is like a deposit. Like how we all need to save money for a pension in later life. Similarly, this Naama deposit will help you in your life. So chant his name today.


Arrangements are being made for a refreshment break at 2.30pmand a dinner/mahaprasadam following the event at 6.30pm. The menu will be a traditional Indian fare with a variety of sweets, starters and main course. Kindly donate generously for Annadhaanam

Traveling in cars

Roadside car parking is available near Gita Bhavan. The Mayfield school opposite will also be available for car parking between 1-9pm.

Bank Account name – Sampradaya Bhajanai . Sort Code – 20-84-13,    Account number – 13079694 

Bank payment preferred to avoid Paypal charges

Mahayejaman Seva

You and your family will be Yejamans in all Special kalyana pujas UK-WIDE  :£501 

Yejaman Seva

You/family will be Yejamans for the Birmingham SitaKalyanam  : £251

Annadhaana Seva

Contribute for Annadhaanam/food for the Nov16 Birmingham event : £101

Pushpam Seva

Contribute for Pushpam/Flowers for the Nov16 Birmingham event : £51

Other Sponsor

You and your family will be sponsoring or donating to cover kalyanam expenses £25 

Bank Account name – Sampradaya Bhajanai . Sort Code – 20-84-13,    Account number – 13079694 

Last years reviews

"Had Gr8 religious evening on the first day of Karthikai month, I don’t have a word to express my feelings. Thanks to everyone to who could arrange & special thanks to people who travelled from far of places to make wonderful/religious evening for us, here at Birmingham. God blesses all, good night."
"Wonderful and blessed evening. Bhajans still reverberate in the mind. Everyone participated with full enjoyment and energy. Thanks for organising the same in Birmingham. Radhe Krishna 👏👏👏"
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