Dadra – How to accompany a song?

Here are a set of examples of some Dadra beats for accompaniment purposes.

Start the Song with simple Dadra such as the 2 examples below

Dadra Taal Pieces

Dha Dhin na   | ta Dhin dha = 6
Dha Dha Ti     | Ta Dha   Ti    = 6

As the song progresses to a variation, then perform a Double Speed (Dugun) Dadra piece such as below

Double Speed

Dha    ti    Dha   | dha   Tuntun |
ta        ti    ta       | ta    DhinDhin||

End the Double Speed with a short Mohra/Tihai

Dhin Na  Dhatete,  dhin   Na     DhaTete

Perform some of the below Variation Dadra pieces where possible

  1. Dha      Dhin na,     ta     Dhin Na
    DhaTirikita       ,     TakaTirikita
  2. Dha Dhin nana, ta Dhin Nana
    DhaTi Dhati Dhati, Dha Dhin Nana

If you need to play Dadra in Vilambit, then use this link

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