How to take care of your Tabla and Maintain it?

Here are some tips regarding caring for your Tabla, so that it can last you a few years.

  • Tabla should always be played with hands. Drum sticks or any thing other than fingers/hands should never be used.

  • A tabla must be prevented from extreme temperatures. Excessive heat may even split the heads. Do NOT keep your tabla is a Conservatory/Loft/Attic or next to a Radiator.

  • Also a tabla should never be played with wet hands. Avoid toilet breaks, Coffee, Water or food while playing the Tabla.

  • Make sure that the black spot(syahi) at the center is dry while playing.

  • Always use a tuning hammer for tuning a tabla. Ask your teacher or experienced person to help you with tuning.

  • To avoid the heads from the sweating hands, always use a talcum powder on hands.

  • Always keep the heads covered when not in use. In the UK weather conditions, it is better to keep your tabla in a bag and cover it with a Blanket or thick cloth.

  • Clean the tabla heads whenever you notice any Dirt. Use a fine cloth or plastic with blunt edge.

Syahi – is made of a thick paste (with secret ingredients) along with iron filings

Dayan (right hand tabla) – is made of sheesham wood. The top upper skin (puri or Pura) is made of goat skin. The straps that hold the skin (baddhi-braces) are made of leather

Bayan (Left hand) – is made of Aluminium, copper or brass. In some cases, it is even made of clay