Weekly Bhajan sessions, Birmingham/Solihull

All our weekly Bhajan events are very welcoming to people who join newly. We started this vibrant group in 2016 and have been growing in strength steadily. We understand that you may have a learning curve. That is not a problem. We have a cohesive team that takes utmost interest in bringing you up to speed. Of late, we have been taking photos of our sessions to serve as milestones for our memory.

Following are some of the excerpts from Carnatic-Circle’s weekly Bhajan Sessions.

  1. 14th July 2018 – Sampradaya Bhajanai event at Stoke-On-Trent
  2. 2nd Apr 2018 – Smt Radha and Dr Cheruvu’s place in Newcastle under Lyme
  3. 31st March 2018 – Ramanavami Seetha-Rama Kalyanam, New Bingley Hall, Birmingham
  4. 17th Mar 2018 – Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam – Solihull
  5. 17th Feb 2018 – Balaji Sannadhi at the Tividale Birmingham Balaji Temple
  6. 9th Feb 2018 – Rehearsals
  7. 02nd Feb 2018 – Mathu’s place
  8. 23rd Dec 2017 – Uma/KK’s residence
  9. 2nd Dec 2017 – Providence Hall, Bilston, Birmingham
  10. 28th Oct 2017 – Murugan Skanda Shasti Bhajanai at Ravi & Deepa’s place in Solihull
  11. 21st Oct 2017 – Balaji Temple Community hall, Birmingham UK
  12. 14th Oct 2017 – Ravi & Deepa’s place in Solihull
  13. 26th Aug 2017 – Ramesh & Swarna’s place
  14. 19th Aug 2017 – KK & Uma’s place
  15. 12th Aug 2017 – Jayshree & Jana’s place
  16. 11th Aug 2017 – Sumathi & Kannan’s place
  17. 22nd July 2017 – Bhajan at the Tividale Balaji temple, Birmingham
  18. 6th June 2017 – Bhajan at the Balaji temple, Birmingham

What do we normally do?

What is Sampradaya Bhajanai?


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