Navarathri performances


Carnatic Circle presents a performance on Swarajathis and Jathiswaram. The theme is Raga Khamas and Naatai.We will also have a short song in Sahana Ragam. This will be in Shirley Centre in Solihull on the 1st of October.

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The participants have practiced these ragams as a part of their regular classes every week at Solihull/Birmingham. They found some parts of Khamas ad Naatai challenging. But, we had one student that went all the way ahead and incorporated his guitar for both these Ragams in G Scale. One another junior student was able to replicate Naatai on her violin.

The vocalists are Teju, Sreeja, Anika, Shriya, Shridevi, Asmitha and Shravan. We have Pranav on vocals and Guitar,  Santhana on the Tabla. No notes will be available on stage for this performance, so students will have to rely completely on their memory and stay in sync with the others as well as in Thalam.

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