Carnatic vocal exam preparations

Dear Parents,

Following are the Carnatic music vocal exam preparation targets for all participants depending on which class you are attending during the week.

Grade 1

Sarali Varisai – Link to the Video lesson
Janta Varisai – Link to Video lesson
MelSthayi Varisai – Link to the Video lesson

Above to be learnt in 2 speeds with the Talam. Also, Learn your 7 Talas(Talams)

Grade 2

Dhatu Varisai (3 Speeds)
Alankarams (3 Speeds)
3 Geethams (2 Speeds)

Plus knowledge of Grade 1 syllabus and Talams and their Jaathis.

Grade 3

6 Geethams (2 Speeds)
1 Jathiswaram and 1 Swarajathi
2 Thevarams

Plus Knowledge of Grade 1, 2 and knowledge of the ragams pertaining to your geethams, Time Duration and Talams.

Exams are likely in the Mar-Apr 2017 timeframe and applications need to be made in the Dec16-Jan17 timeframe. Please speak to me if you have any questions.


Carnatic Music Circle, Solihull





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