Carnatic Kritis/Bhajan/Chanting Balaji temple, Birmingham

Sampradaya Bhajanai 17th Feb 2018

Our “Sampradaya” group has grown from strength to strength and sings a very vast and varied repertoire. Being a one of kind, the group has attracted talent from across the Midlands. The interest is still growing, in fact soaring. In this forthcoming session, our Sampradaya group from Carnatic-Circle will be singing a repertoire accompanied by Senior musician Mr Viswanathan & Mr Sugavanam on the violin, Devavrat on his Dholak and Shravan Gopal on Tabla.

Our “Mantrasara” group will also have a chanting session in the afternoon covering Devi Mahatmiyam, Sundarakandam and Narayaneeyam.

The Birmingham Balaji temple invites our group to perform on selected Saturdays. The above is one of them. Please come and attend this event at the main temple Sannadhi. Come and sing along!

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