Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman troupe – Nov 17th

The much awaited grand Musical Bhajan evening

We had been waiting for this day for the last several months. In Fact, we had been waiting for this week with bated breath as it was going to be especially special and the reason was simple – The Radhakalyanam week and the days preceding were going to be really musical. 

The excitement was palpable. The hall was packed. A busload of music lovers arrived from London and the vicinity. People arrived from places as far away as Liverpool, Chester, Leicester & Nottingham for this grand 2 hour concert.

The entire audience swayed and sang to accompany Brigha Balu on vocals, Dr Seetharaman providing thunderous beats on his Mridangam, Mr Sankararaman on his mellifluous Harmonium and literally the entire audience as accompanying vocals. We thank the Hindu community centre for encouraging us to deliver a professional concert.  Clearly, this evening was an evening of all hands on deck. There were a number of tasks running up to the event. Fund collection, Advertising, informing friends, organising food for the Bhagavathas, Organising snacks/tea and even administering Food hall, the Innumerable phone calls, Stage decoration & preparation, Hall preparation, Sound testing, Manning the car park, Photography, Video editing, FBLive and the list is endless. Many thanks to each one of you for making this event a success. 

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