Sampradaya Bhajan event

Saturday 20th Feb 2021

Shri Madhu Soodhanan Bhagavathar and Shri Aravindha Lochanan will be leading the Bhajan/kirtan/puja on Saturday. We can all get together and perform a hands-on Sampradaya bhajan Puja at our homes. 

They will sing and also explain the significance of the puja. Erode Madhu Soodhanan bhagavathar, son of Erode Shri Sridhar Bhagavathar, is a Software Engineer living in Bangalore, who hails from Erode,TamilNadu. He is Involved in namasankirthanam right from the childhood with the guidance of his father who was a veteran in namasankirthanam and a Harmonium vidwan. with the blessings of great gurus and his father, Madhu started playing harmonium since the age of 10 and had accompanied stalwarts and great bhagavadottamas including Tiruvisanallur Ramakrishna bhagavathar, Udaiyalur Kalyanaraman bhagavathar, Erode Rajamani bhagavathar, H.H. Sri Ramananda saraswathi swamigal, O.S. Sundar bhagavathar, Kovai Jayaraman bhagavathar, etc for almost 18 years. With Bhagavatha and Bhagavat anugrahams. Madhu is also performing namasankirthanam, saptha kalyaman, pavvalimpu etc strictly following the tradition and with no compromise in sampradhayams.

Madhu is accompanied by Erode Srinivasa Bhagavathar on mridangam, a veteran in bhajan community performing kainkaryams his entire life who accompanied almost all the bhagavathars. Srinivasa Bhagavathar is an All india radio A grade mridangam artist who is a disciple of Karaikudi Mani sir and Srimushnam Rajarao sir.

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Brahmasri Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman Sitakalyanam, Birmingham UK

It was last November that we had the Radhakalyanam and we took a vow that we will do it again in 2019.
I was always thinking – What does a Kalyanam like this do to us. Upon pondering, I realised that it builds a good community spirit, it gives Mana Nimmadi. Happiness is ushered in our houses. Postive vibrations build in the community as we work together. This year and last year, we did a number of Bhajan pre-events and everyone positively got together in a festival atmosphere.
Therefore, I am as excited as you all to start this grand SitaRama Kalyanam. We are all very blessed to have the presence of very great Bhagavathas who have come today upon our beckoning.
Presenting – Kalaimamani Award winner Brahmasri Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman – Naamasankeerthanam has been running in his blood for over 40 years. What you will see today is sheer bliss. He is accompanied by
Sri Balasubramaniam Swaminathan also called Briga Balu. Last year, Birmingham was mesmerised by his voice. This year, he is back and we look forward for those great brighas.
What is Bhajans without the pakkavadyam. We have vidwan Rajasekaran Ramamurthy providing thunderous beats on his Mridangam
Accompanioed by Dolki/Mridangam expert Vinod Pallipuram Venkateswaran
The ever smiling Shankararaman Venkataraman on Harmonium
We also have the pleasure of listening to the vocals of Sri Ravi Muthurajan who has just arrived in the UK this morning. He was so excited to join the troupe and he has made it all the way.

This post if to highlight and present the video recordings of the entire Sitakalyanam right from Carnatic-Circle’s bhajan afternoon followed by Dr Udayalur’s Sitakalyanam.

Musical Sita Kalyanam – Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman UK


When – 16th Nov 2019 3-8pm (1PM start for Cultural programme)

Where – Shree Gita Bhavan temple, Handsworth, Birmingham

What – Sampradaya Bhajans oriented Sita Kalyanam in a musical format by Brahmasri Udayalur Kalyanaran & troupe. They have a record of performing several 1000s of such ceremonies.

The wedding will be followed by a grand feast/Mahaprasadam.

Birmingham Sita Rama Kalyana Mahotsav 

Carnatic-Circle is proud to present – Based on the 400 year old Bhadrachala Ramdas Sita Rama Kalyana tradition. This will be the grand musical celestial wedding that the UK has not witnessed before.

Experience joy through enchanting Bhajan, thunderous music and spiritual discourses by Brahmasri Sri Udayalur Kalyanaraman (Kalaimamani Award winner). Its a never before music festival.

List of activities
Kalyana vaibavam
Musala nritham
Thaila sechanam
Dravya samarppanam

Kanyaka daanam
Maangalya dhaaranam
Kalyana tharangam
Poo pandhu

Following are the timelines (1pm to 8.30 pm)

1.00pm – Sampradaya Bhajan by Carnatic-Circle

2.00pm – Yejaman/Participants Sankalpam

2.30pm – Refreshments break

3.00pm – Divyanaamam by Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman

3.45pm – Sita Kalyanam by Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman, 

6.30pm – Dinner/Mahaprasadam/feast

7.00pm-  Temple Aarti

Sangamam 2019

Sangamam 2019 is an event encompassing performances in Indian classical dance and music. This is the first major confluence undertaken by Paallam Arts collaborating with international and local artistes in England. 

1. MAC, Cannon Hill Park, Queen’s Ride, Birmingham B12 9QH

Sun 10th Nov 2019, 10.00am – 5.00pm

Bharatanatyam Workshop led by Rukmini Vijayakumar.

2. MAC, Cannon Hill Park, Queen’s Ride, Birmingham B12 9QH

Tue 12th Nov 2019, 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Kathak Workshop led by Richa Srivastava.

Sri Dushyanth Sridhar – Birmingham, UK

Sri Dushyanth Sridhar’s invite to attend 

“Sri krishna Leela – The divine Nectar” 

at Sree Geetha Bhawan, Handsworth, Birmingham UK.

3-6pm, 19th Oct 2019.

Register for the event by clicking here –

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Sri Dushyanth Sridhar visits the UK – Oct 19

Monday 14th Oct till 21st October

Discourses - Motivational & Spiritual

Dushyanth Sridhar is a public speaker & writer on motivational and spiritual topics related to Sanathana Dharma.

  • Delivered discourse in multiple countries
  • Over 10 Million Youtube views
  • Home visits, Corporate lectures, Youth session & Public events available during this trip to UK

Shree Geetha Bhawan, 107-117 Heathfield Rd, Birmingham B19 1HL at 3PM on 19th October

Hindu temple, 215 Carlton Rd, Nottingham NG3 2FX at 10am on 20th Oct

Please contact any of the members from the team if you would want to host or attend the events.

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Attend our event!

Bhajan at Stoke-on-trent

Sing along to Bhajan & Music

We have had several bhajan evenings. But this one is special as we have been invited to HCS temple at Stoke-on-trent (29th June 2019). Every such satsangham is important for us as it provides us an opportunity to make everyone aware of our traditions. We need to continue this Sampradayam and preserve it for our next generations.

Below are the Lyrics for this evening

Continue reading

UK Wide Sampradaya Bhajan event

London Radhakalyanam 2018 was a major success and made everyone aware of our traditions. We need to continue this Sampradayam and preserve it for our next generations

UK Sampradaya Bhajan Mandali aims to preserve and promote the Dakshina Bharata Sampradaya Bhajanai of the Marudanallur Sampradayam. WhatsApp Image 2019-05-29 at 12.12.21

Following are the list of songs for the 1st of June Bhajanai in Kenton Scout Hall, Harrow.  All songs below will be sung in F/F# Scale Continue reading “UK Wide Sampradaya Bhajan event”