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Bhajan at Stoke-on-trent

Sing along to Bhajan & Music

We have had several bhajan evenings. But this one is special as we have been invited to HCS temple at Stoke-on-trent (29th June 2019). Every such satsangham is important for us as it provides us an opportunity to make everyone aware of our traditions. We need to continue this Sampradayam and preserve it for our next generations.

Below are the Lyrics for this evening

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UK Wide Sampradaya Bhajan event

London Radhakalyanam 2018 was a major success and made everyone aware of our traditions. We need to continue this Sampradayam and preserve it for our next generations

UK Sampradaya Bhajan Mandali aims to preserve and promote the Dakshina Bharata Sampradaya Bhajanai of the Marudanallur Sampradayam. WhatsApp Image 2019-05-29 at 12.12.21

Following are the list of songs for the 1st of June Bhajanai in Kenton Scout Hall, Harrow.  All songs below will be sung in F/F# Scale Continue reading “UK Wide Sampradaya Bhajan event”

Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman Sampradaya Bhajanai & Radhakalyanam, UK

As part of the RadhaMadhava Mahotsavam – is proud to present the video clippings of Brahmasri Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman’s troupe visit to Birmingham, UK . The great Dakshina Bharatha Sampradaya Bhajanai was presented by vocalist “Brigha” Balu, Dr. Seetharaman on the Mridangam and Shri Shankara Raman on the harmonium at Shree Hindu Community Centre, Warwick Road, Birmingham

Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman troupe – Nov 17th

The much awaited grand Musical Bhajan evening

We had been waiting for this day for the last several months. In Fact, we had been waiting for this week with bated breath as it was going to be especially special and the reason was simple – The Radhakalyanam week and the days preceding were going to be really musical. 

The excitement was palpable. The hall was packed. A busload of music lovers arrived from London and the vicinity. People arrived from places as far away as Liverpool, Chester, Leicester & Nottingham for this grand 2 hour concert.

The entire audience swayed and sang to accompany Brigha Balu on vocals, Dr Seetharaman providing thunderous beats on his Mridangam, Mr Sankararaman on his mellifluous Harmonium and literally the entire audience as accompanying vocals. We thank the Hindu community centre for encouraging us to deliver a professional concert.  Clearly, this evening was an evening of all hands on deck. There were a number of tasks running up to the event. Fund collection, Advertising, informing friends, organising food for the Bhagavathas, Organising snacks/tea and even administering Food hall, the Innumerable phone calls, Stage decoration & preparation, Hall preparation, Sound testing, Manning the car park, Photography, Video editing, FBLive and the list is endless. Many thanks to each one of you for making this event a success. 

Navarathri 2018 Birmingham temple Bhajans

Carnatic-Circle is happy to present a twin Carnatic devotional concert in line with Dussehra/Navarathri festivities. This time, we have a group of adults and children that have done a 6 weekend rehearsal. Many thanks to each one of you that came to the rehearsals over the last 6 weeks and persevered. Since this is choral singing, special focus is given to Shruthi, Talam and Ragam to ensure that the entire group is in Sync. Following are the twin performances during the Navarathri period of 2018.

  1. Sri Hindu Community Centre – Saturday, 13th Oct 2018, 5-7PM
  2. Tividale Balaji temple – Saturday, 20th Oct 2018, 11am-12.15pm

Our group has grown from strength to strength and sings a very vast and varied repertoire. The Birmingham based temples invite our group to perform on selected Saturdays. The above is one of them. Please come and attend this event at the main temple Sannadhi. Come and sing along!

Some photos and Video of the session

  1. 20th October – Balaji Sannadhi at the Tividale Birmingham Balaji Temple
  2. 14th October – Laxminarayan Hindu Community centre, Birmingham

Twin Temple performances

Grand Bhajans – Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman Birmingham, UK

Solihull based Carnatic-Circle & London based Shri Radha Madhava Kalyana Mahotsav  is pleased to invite you all for a Grand Bhajan festival. On Saturday, the 17th Nov 2018, world renowned Dr Udayalur Kalyanaraman and troupe are performing between 5-7pm at the temple of

Shree Hindu Community Centre
541A Warwick Rd,
Birmingham B11 2JP.

4.15pm – Car park opens. Coach and Cars allowed.
4.45pm – Temple opens. A small snack will be available in downstairs hall
4.45pm – Sound check with the artists upstairs
5 to 6.45pm – Bhajan event by Mr Brigha Balu. Car park will be securely locked
6.45pm – Short discourse (5 mins) by  Mr Brigha Balu
6.50pm – Vote of Thanks by Raj (5mins)
7.00pm – Car park will be reopened
7.00 – 7.20pm – Temple Aarti

Parking is available on Warwick road and the adjoining roads. A special manually gated car park has being arranged with Tyseley Locomotive works (670 Warwick Rd, Birmingham B11 2HL)  which is situated diagonally opposite the Temple and is a 5 minute walk. The car park will be opened between 4.15-5.05pm by Bharath (07902 865540). Please note that the GPS takes you to the neighbouring car park. Hence, please use the map below. 

Car park will be opened at 4.15pm and gates secured at 5.05pm. The gates will reopen after the event at 7pm

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-16 at 13.45.44

The temple is undergoing refurbishment and consists of 2 church style buildings(White & brick Colour). There are no signboards for the temple at the moment. The programme will be conducted at the Temple Sannadhi hall on the 1st floor.

RSVP – Santhana Gopal (07906 535762) or Krishnan (07929 613063).

This will be followed by a week-long celebration culminating in a Radhakalyanam on the 24th and 25th November near Heathrow.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 10.23.09

A week long celebration/event list is provided belowWhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 10.23.09 (1)



Carnatic Music & Tabla Classes – New batches

Music Lessons poster with logo

With the start of the Autumn term, we have new batches starting in Indian classical Carnatic Music vocals as well as Tabla Classes.

Indian classical vocal classes are run by Preetha Gopal for beginners/intermediate  or Advanced levels and caters for Adults and Children of all ages. The teaching is based on the age old tradition of learning the Swaravalis and gradually build up to Alankarams, Gitam & Varnams. Here are some testimonials

Tabla Lessons – Percussion lessons in Tabla are held as group lessons by Santhana Gopal and are conducted for children and adults on Sunday evenings. Lessons usually delve into the theory & practical aspects such as Kaydas/Paltas and gradually progressing into taals, Moharas, Mukhdas and Relas.

All lessons include theory and the necessary preparation for Grade exams conducted by the OFAAL/PRSSV/Open University.

Aavani Avittam 2018, Birmingham

This year’s Aavani Avittam/ Yajur upakarma is being conducted at Geetha Bhavan, Handsworth on the 26th Aug 2018.

Time – We will start at 8am sharp.

Attire – kindly come in Traditional attire ( if possible).

Items required – Pancha paathram, Udharani, Tharpanam Plate (capacity 500ml), Rice 250g, Toor Dhal 50g, Jaggery 10g approx, Beatle leaves x4, Supaari (few), Dhakshna for Vaadyaar

Please contact us for those that are interested. A whatsapp group has been formed for this purpose.

Bhajan event at Stoke-On-Trent

Carnatic-Circle was invited to come and perform in front a discerning audience on Saturday the 14th of July at Stoke-On-Trent. Our Sampradaya Bhajanai Satsangham team spent 3 weeks preparing for this day. A list of songs were prepared based on the traditional format and keeping variety Ragams in mind. This time, the plan was to provide the lyrics to the audience so that they can get actively involved. In addition, we had the company of over 18 children participating in the vocals alongwith us.

The Vocals received a pep by the accompaniment of by Karthik on Mridangam and Sai on Dholak.

Our repertoire of 28 songs were delivered in succession in a space of 2 hours. Following songs were sung – Thodaya Mangalam, Kamakoti Peeta Guru, Sree Guru Bhodendram,
Gurumouli Mane Bhaje Bhavantham, Naane Unnai Nambinen – Gnananda, Abhang – Vittala Yere Pandhari Raya(Shanka Chakra dhara), RAma parAku raGurAma parAku– Bhadrachala Ramdas, CharanamulE namiti, Nara Janma bandhaaga– Purandara Dasa,
Hari smarane maado, Deva Banda Namma Swami Bandano, Abhang – Hari mana tumi govinda mana, Vanamali Vasudeva Manamohana Radharamana, Rajani Janita Guru – 17th Ashtapadhi, Narayana Theertha Tharangini- AlokayE Sree bAlakrishnam, Abhang-KastooriChi Uti, Tilaka Lalati, Gopala Meva DeivathamSharade Karunanidhe, Gopalasi khelathi, ananda dolathiBhagyadha Lakshmi Baramma, Yehi Gopala Sri Vanamala Radhalola Aayahi, Prabhu Ramachandra Ke Dootha

Many thanks to the organisers Chitra Sudhar and Sudharshan for making the event memorable to all the participants.


Lalitha Sahasranamam & its significance

During one of weekly sessions in Bournville,Birmingham, we had the opportunity to interact with Sanskrit scholar Mr K Balasubramanyam. Mr Balasubramanyam ( has mastered the scriptures and provides regular classes in Bhagawat Gita and many other spiritual texts. His knowledge in these subjects is indeed immense and the group used this event to learn further in their quest for learning. The session lasted just beyond an hour where we tried to understand the significance of Lalitha Sahasranamam. Why Lalitha Sahasranamam is one among the pinnacle of the Namams? How some of the siginificant vedic compositions have been compressed into a few words in Lalitha Sahasranamam? How to chant Lalitha Sahasranamam and what are the benefits? Thanks to our official Videographer Vasantha Raman, we were able to capture the happenings in the below 5 videos. Please use below playlist for your deep dive into Lalitha Sahasranamam.

Our Matrasara and Sampradaya Groups in Solihull/Birmingham perform various devotional/musical activities throughout the week. We chant Narayaneeyam, Devi Mahatmiyam, Sundarakandam and various sahasranamams and Ashtakams. 

We also perform Sampradaya Bhajans on a weekly basis. Adults/Children get involved in these activity.

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