Learn Bhajans in a Puja format (free workshop)

Monday 15th Feb till 20th Feb 2021

How to sing bhajans and perform a puja? (Free Workshop)

With an intent to bring musical positivity in our homes, this is a hands-on 6 day community workshop to explore bhajans alongwith Puja in a musical format. The course is completely free to attend. The course will be intensive. Teaching along with recordings will be sent. Homework will be set and the student is expected to practice. 

Who is this for?

  1.  Adults who have extensively heard or sung bhajans before. 
  2.  Children who are actively into singing. They have been practising for few years and have learnt a few Bhajans/kirtans.
  3.  It is not suitable for people who have difficulty with Indian languages. 
  4. This is not suitable for young children who have little or no background in singing. Separate courses are available for them. 

Program Schedule – 6 days during Half term in Feb 2021.  

Whatsapp – Santhana Gopal on  – +44 7906535762. 

Duration – (6 days)  All timings are GMT (London time). Classes conducted by Santhana Gopal (Mon-Fri)

  • Mon 15th Feb – 7 -8 pm 
  • Tue 16th Feb – 7 -8 pm  
  • Wed 17th Feb – 7 -8 pm 
  • Thu 18th Feb – 7 -8 pm 
  • Fri 19th Feb – 7 -8 pm  

Sat 20th Feb – 9-10am   On this last day, all participants will be led to sing by a  Sri Madhu Sudhanan Bhagavathar & Sri Aravindha Lochanan Bhagavathar from India and perform a Puja along with instructions in their respective homes.

Music lessons in Solihull/Birmingham/UK

Enrolling students now

Carnatic vocal, Tabla & Veena

Tabla Taster classes available for adults & children. If you are looking at trying an instrument, here is your chance.

New Batches starting  – Carnatic-circle.com organises classes in Carnatic Vocals, Tabla and Veena string lessons. Enrol to further your interest in music or prepare for music exams.

  • – Carnatic Vocals
  • – Tabla percussion
  • – Veena strings
  • – Devotional singing

We have a number of events coming up and we prepare our students towards such events. We have some active Facebook and Youtube channels with videos from our students

Phone/Whatsapp – 07906 535762
Website – http://Carnatic-Circle.com
Facebook – fb.me/CarnaticCircle

Carnatic Music & Tabla Classes – New batches

Music Lessons poster with logo

With the start of the Autumn term, we have new batches starting in Indian classical Carnatic Music vocals as well as Tabla Classes.

Indian classical vocal classes are run by Preetha Gopal for beginners/intermediate  or Advanced levels and caters for Adults and Children of all ages. The teaching is based on the age old tradition of learning the Swaravalis and gradually build up to Alankarams, Gitam & Varnams. Here are some testimonials

Tabla Lessons – Percussion lessons in Tabla are held as group lessons by Santhana Gopal and are conducted for children and adults on Sunday evenings. Lessons usually delve into the theory & practical aspects such as Kaydas/Paltas and gradually progressing into taals, Moharas, Mukhdas and Relas.

All lessons include theory and the necessary preparation for Grade exams conducted by the OFAAL/PRSSV/Open University.

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