Sharade Karunanidhe

Raga: hamir kalyaNi, Chapu tALA.     Composer: Chandrashekhara Bharati (Shringeri Acharya) 

P: shaaradE karuNaanidhE sakalaanavaamba sadaa janaan
charaNadima geeta vaibhava pUritaakhila dictate

C1: bhasma bhooShaNa bhooSite vara ratna mauLi viraajite
sharmadaayini karma mOchani nirmalam kuru maanasam

C2: hasta sandhrta pustakaaksha paTI sudhaa ghaTa mudrikE
kasta vaasti hi varNane chaturO narakha charOtava

Shringapureshwara Vaasa Sharade, Kaladi Pura Vaasa Sharade

Kashmirapuri Vaasa Sharade, Vaagdevate, VaagDevate

Sharada Devi ki, Jai       Vaagdevatha Devi Ki, Jai

Namavali – Sharade Sharade Veenavani Sharade
Sharade Sharade Pustakapaani Sharade
Sharade Sharade Vedamathe Sharade
Vedamatha Sharade, Vaagdevathe Sharade
Sharade Sharade Manjubhashini Sharade
Sharade Sharade Mangaladayini Sharade
Sharada Devi ki, Jai

This song is beautifully sung by Senkottai Hari at 1:10:30 in the below video


1.Oh Mother Sarada! Treasure of all mercy! Protect all the people always, You whose holy benign grace sung by the Vedas, the demigods and the human beings reverberates all over the quarters (directions) (Chaaranas are believed to be the divine singers and also are the bards in the King’s court).
The reading chaarana also can be interpreted as the taddhita form of charana – her holy feet.
2. Decked with glittering gold ornaments , a crown studded with precious stones, the giver of all comforts, reliever of people’s bonds of karma, please help us to keep our hearts blemishless.
3. Also adorned by a book, a garland of rudraaksha and the pot of nectar! Who on earth among (men) or elsewhere (the bards or the Gods) is capable of describing you in totality

This is part of our Solihull/Birmingham, UK weekly Bhajanai/devotional singing series. Thodaya Mangalam is the set of songs welcoming the God with auspiciousness. The sampradaya/Paddathi Bhajanai begins with these songs. What is Sampradaya Bhajanai?

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