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We have had several bhajan evenings. But this one is special as we have been invited to HCS temple at Stoke-on-trent (29th June 2019). Every such satsangham is important for us as it provides us an opportunity to make everyone aware of our traditions. We need to continue this Sampradayam and preserve it for our next generations.

Below are the Lyrics for this evening

Our group at Carnatic-Circle aims to preserve and promote Bhajans designed to promote National integration. With great humbleness, we present the above songs for the 29th of June Bhajanai in HCS temple, Stoke-on-trent . All songs above will be sung in F/F# Scale

Ekadasi Bhajanais (on Skype)– We meet every fortnight on Skype and conduct Ekadasi Bhajanais twice every month through Skype.  Ekadasi is dear to Lord Vishnu and is to be spent on meditation and Dhyanam of Sriman Naarayana.  Let us know if anyone is interested. 

Weekend Sampradaya Bhajanai (in person) – Apart from Ekadasi Bhajanais, weekend Sampradaya Bhajanais take place in

  • London Sampradaya Bhajan group at Harrow &
  • Carnatic-Circle  at Solihull

You may be a learner, listener or an avid musician. All are welcome and be part of this great sampradaya tradition.  

Our creative Team for today

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Coming Soon! You are welcome!

Experience joy through enchanting Bhajan, music and spiritual discourses

Its a Mega event
Saturday, 16th November, 2019

Account name – Sampradaya Bhajanai . Sort Code – 20-84-13,    Account number – 13079694 

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